The proposals

What has happened so far?

Southvalley Estates Ltd has been busy working over the past four years to bring forward a scheme which realises the development potential and aligns with the City Council’s aspirations for the Northern Gateway.  It has worked closely with Manchester City Council officers to ensure that the site can be developed in an aspirational, yet sensitive manner which aligns with the Council’s plans for the area.

What are Southvalley Estates Ltd proposing?

Southvalley Estates Ltd are preparing a planning application for a major transformative project at the former Gasworks site.  The Gasworks New Town will be an exciting new urban neighbourhood  providing around 1,200 dwellings and other supporting uses.  The development will primarily be mid-rise in height, but with a residential tower towards the north-eastern corner of the site. 

Making the site publicly accessible is fundamental to the project; two new pedestrian and cycle routes will be created through the site, improving linkages and connecting the site to further brownfield land to the east and south.  A new park will be created between Gould Street and Bromley Street, which will serve existing residents as well as the new homes; it will be about the same size as two thirds of a football pitch. 

The landscaped areas and enhanced public realm incorporate green space into the design to provide usable outside space of residents and members of the public and will make environmental improvements and enhancements to the site. 

The plans currently propose:

  • Creation of around 1,200 dwellings comprising townhouses and apartments, ranging through 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms in size;
  • Two units for commercial uses;
  • Secure underground car parking, accessed from Gould Street and from Bilbrook Street;
  • A new park;
  • A new pedestrianised lane running east to west through the site;
  • A new level access for pedestrians running north to south through the site; and
  • New landscaping to Gould Street, Williamson Street, Bromley Street and Bilbrook Street.
Work in progress Masterplan

What are the next steps?

We are seeking feedback from local communities, workers and stakeholders on the draft proposals, before a planning application is submitted to Manchester City Council later this year.  The planning application will be supported by a wide range of reports and assessments.

If planning permission is granted, Southvalley Estates and National Grid will begin to clear the site and remediate the land in 2021 or 2022.

The development is likely to be built out in four phases, starting with the corner on Gould Street closest to Rochdale Road, with homes hopefully ready for occupation by the end of 2023.  The residential tower is likely to be the last piece of the development to be built, towards the end of the current decade.